X-Solar Systems is a full-service solar company installing solar panels and backup power systems for homeowners and businesses. We aim to provide residential and commercial solar power solutions with quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and excellent customer service that inspires you to recommend us to others.

Commercial solar panel installation

As a property owner, the price of energy is a substantial element in your monthly running costs, and as grid electricity is consistently increasing in price, most owners are looking for alternatives. Whether you are running a factory, a hotel or a block of offices, solar energy can help you reduce your expenses by a wide margin. Besides saving money, its reliable and green, meaning no more power cuts and a much greener profile for your asset.

Solar home back up system

In Kenya and all across Africa, blackouts are a common problem. With a solar system and battery backup system, blackouts are a thing of the past. You will have continuous energy, not just during the day when the sun is shining, but throughout the night as you draw on the energy saved on your battery solution.

Solar water heating system

Water heating is one of the highest consumer of electricity and thus one of the things on your power bill that really matters. Solar water heaters are a cost-effecient way to generate hot water for your home. Solar water heating systems collect the thermal energy from the sun and uses it to heat water.

Solar water pumps

You can generate electricity to pump water for your farm or property at a much lower price than today. Our water pumping systems are mobile, low maintenance and can be installed without a second energy source. The system can draw water from boreholes, rivers, lakes and any other water sources. We can also install a solar system on your existing water pump and then you save money on your electricity bill.

Solar security and street lights

Solar street lights are a life changer. Unlike electric street lights, solar street lights will cost less to maintain in the long run. They only need the sun as a source of energy and nothing else. The photovoltaic technology converts sunlight into electricity which can either be used directly during the day or stored and used at night.